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For LEADERS Only: Part 2 - Passion vs Anger

Business can be an emotional thing.  Co-workers don’t always agree, and if they do, then that is a different problem for another day.  But when disagreements do occur, there is a tendency for some people to misinterpret two common emotions that look very much the same.  One is anger, which can be very destructive.  The other is passion, which can have numerous healthy benefits.

Anger in the workplace is typically the result of one of the following situations: Read more about For LEADERS Only: Part 2 - Passion vs Anger

For A Happy New Year:

Make A Commitment Instead of a Resolution

Where did 2015 go?  It seems that just when you’ve gotten used to writing “2015” on your checks, that it’s “2016.” Yes, the holidays are over, the decorations are stored away, and the kids are already bored with their new toys and wondering what happened to the old ones. 

It’s the time of year when we reflect, review and revive our plans to be thinner, healthier, more loving, more compassionate, less opinionated, more forgiving and less stressed.  Read more about For A Happy New Year:

Client Relationships:

The Key to Long-Term Success in Sales

Perhaps Jeffrey Gitomer puts it best when he says, “All things being equal, people want to do business with friends.  All things being not quite equal, people want to do business with friends.”

You don’t develop relationships if your only goal is to close the sale.  You develop relationships by showing clients that you CARE about them as people and not just a paycheck.  Remember that “relationship” comes before “sale” both in the dictionary and in the real world. Read more about Client Relationships:

Tales of the Ridiculous

Signature authorization from a 5-year old?

We live in a time where our signatures (or scribble in my case) carry immense power.  After all, with the stroke of a pen you can take possession of a home, a car, and a plethora of worldly goods.  Our signatures have the power of releasing others from their responsibilities, as well as holding us accountable for our actions, but asking a 5-year old to sign a legal document seems a bit ridiculous. Read more about Tales of the Ridiculous

Why do YOU stay?

The older I get the more I realize how blessed I am to get to do what I love with clients that are a pleasure to work with.   Unfortunately, as time passes I continue to meet many people who are far less fortunate. Those for whom each day is a struggle, those who seem “trapped” in jobs that they don’t like. Read more about Why do YOU stay?

A Dog-Gone Good Lesson

What “man’s best friend” can teach us!

Our canine friends can teach us an awful lot about relationships and how to treat others. He (or she, for the politically correct crowd) isn’t known as man’s (or woman’s) best friend for nothing.  By emulating just a few of their innate habits, we can make our personal relationships happier and more loving.   Read more about A Dog-Gone Good Lesson