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Increasing Sales Through Networking

Are you looking to build your business?  Would you like to increase your sales productivity?  Would you like to shorten your typical buying cycle form months to weeks, or even days?  The key to doing both is to develop trusting, mutually beneficial relationships with your clients and with others in the business community.

Training is NOT a Luxury Item

If your business is like many others, you are doing all you can to save money. And, in many cases, that means you’ve drastically reduced (or completely eliminated) training.  Believe it or not, this tactic may be costing you more than you’re trying to save!

A recent study of Fortune 100 companies showed that they provided, on average, two hours of training per week per employee.  This commitment to training pays big dividends by:

Beat the Clock

Having trouble getting it all done?  Here are three great tips that will add a few more minutes to your day!

3. Brown bag lunches.

Recent studies have shown that the average business lunch is now 90 minutes!  If you know you have a busy day, pack a lunch and eat whenever you can.  This may be the difference between working late and getting home on time.   

2. By appointment or by chance

Expectations Drive Performance

Employee performance is under the microscope as businesses struggle to do ‘more with less’.  As your business grows (or shrinks), changing processes and combining job duties can leave team members confused and wondering who is supposed to do what.

Where’s your information hiding?

How long does it take you to find out…

  • Which employee certifications are expiring?
  • Who has the appropriate training for that promotion?
  • When was the last time you spoke with that customer or prospect?
  • How much have I spent on that marketing effort and what business did I receive as a result?

Tales of the Ridiculous - Stock Up on Common Sense

         A few months ago I was in the midst of building a new shed that required the daily supply run to Home Depot.  The plot thickened when one day, my wife asked me to hand deliver her monthly charge payment. Upon arrival to the store, her payment, along with my wallet, was nowhere to be found.  I made my cash purchase and requested that my change be placed on her account.  Simple enough…or so I thought.