Client Relationships:

The Key to Long-Term Success in Sales

Perhaps Jeffrey Gitomer puts it best when he says, “All things being equal, people want to do business with friends.  All things being not quite equal, people want to do business with friends.”

You don’t develop relationships if your only goal is to close the sale.  You develop relationships by showing clients that you CARE about them as people and not just a paycheck.  Remember that “relationship” comes before “sale” both in the dictionary and in the real world.

  1. Get to know them.   Take time to learn their interests, their lifestyle and their goals. Really learn what makes them “tick.”  How do they get paid?  How can your product help them earn more money? 
  2. Get to know their business. Who are your client’s competitors (and customers)?  What are the biggest challenges they face?  How can you help?
  3. Keep them informed.  Always look for special deals or incentives that match their needs and tell them about it.
  4. Send them business. One of the best ways to make a friend is to help them grow their business.  Make sure your referrals tell the client who sent them.
  5. Visit occasionally and DON’T sell.  That’s right…don’t sell.  The only time some salespeople show up is to write an order.  See your clients often enough that once in a while you don’t have to ask for an order.  Chances are you’ll get one whether you want it or not!

When your clients value your friendship, as much as your ability to help them build their business, you know that the competitor will have a hard time moving in.  Continue to nurture your client relationships and watch you sales grow.