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Greg Burton
Executive Director
BrickStreet Insurance

Consulting and Facilitation

The quality revolution of the 1980’s taught us a lot about planning and process improvement. For over twenty years, we’ve been leveraging those tools and principles, along with a lot of hard-learned lessons, to help our clients increase sales, improve customer retention, and help employees work better as a team.

We also are available to take on those special projects that you’ve had to place “on the back burner” because there just isn’t anyone in your organization with the time to get it done. 

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Focusing On Your Company's Mission

Can you recite your company’s mission statement?  (Do you even have one?  I would bet if you asked 100 people that question that less than 5% could give you the answer.  Why? Because it’s probably too long, full of too many buzz words, or your company has simply outgrown it. 

That’s why I am introducing the “90-Minute Mission Statement.”  I’ll work with your team to develop a mission statement (and accompanying values) in one 90 minute meeting.  We’ll create a clear, concise statement that your people can remember, recite, and most importantly, use as a foundation that helps them focus on satisfying customers and increasing profits. Call me now to learn more about this exciting (and very affordable) opportunity. Contact us today to get started.

360 Peer Evaluations: The Power of P3

P3 was developed from over 20 years of observations and personal experience in Recruiting and Training, Sales, Customer Service, Production, and Management - literally every aspect of the business. P3 is a totally anonymous peer evaluation system that allows co-workers to honestly rate one another on specifically selected criteria directly linked to your unique organizational strategies. Each employee receives quantitative and/or narrative results, as well as, one-on-one feedback that positively reinforces desired behaviors and discusses opportunities for improvement in underdeveloped areas.

People build businesses.

Any business success is directly related to the relationships it creates and nurtures with its stakeholders, be they clients, vendors, stockholders or employees. When a business is fortunate enough (or smart enough) to have their people performing at optimum levels, the stakeholders in that business realize an astounding return on their investment in intellectual and human capital. This gives your business incredible leverage, improves profit potential AND positions it ahead of more than 95% of your competitors.

Let’s face it. Your fixed labor costs remain the same whether you…

• …Have a sales force closing 1 out of 10, 1 out of 5, or 1 out of 2.
• …Produce 50 units per man/hour versus 100 units per man/hour.
• …Disappoint clients through indifferent attitudes or poor service or delight them.

Shouldn’t your people (and your business) have every opportunity to reach their potential?

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