Customer Service ANIMALS!

Is your team made up of customer service "ANIMALS?" Do they greet your customers with the energy, the smile, and the enthusiasm of a dolphin?

If you've ever visited Sea World or been to an aquarium, you know what I'm talking about. Dolphins make people smile. Smiling customers are happy customers. Happy customers spread the word and send you more customers.

Tips For Providing GREAT Service!

  1. SMILE! Nothing says, "I'm happy to serve you!" like a warm, friendly smile.
  2. Be a GREAT listener. Focus on the customer with your ears and your eyes. Ask follow-up questions to make sure you completely understand what they need
  3. Never "point the finger." Don't place the blame on someone else. Customers don't care who caused the problem. They just want solutions.

Manager's Tip: Don't forget the "fish." Remember the key to consistent behavior is positive reinforcement. Even dolphins won't perform for free....and neither will your people.