Expectations Drive Performance

Employee performance is under the microscope as businesses struggle to do ‘more with less’.  As your business grows (or shrinks), changing processes and combining job duties can leave team members confused and wondering who is supposed to do what. Such confusion leads to internal conflict, re-work and lost profits.  

Here are some tips for making sure your employees understand what you expect from them.

  1. Put it in writing.   Clearly written job descriptions are less common than you think.  Take time to analyze and define what skills and attitudes are expected from every employee.  It’s time well spent.
  2. Measure performance! You know, “What gets measured get done”. Set up measurement systems and provide coaching or training as soon as performance starts to slip.  Pay bonuses or link other incentives to exceptional performance.
  3. Reinforce the positives.  Praise your people when you catch them doing something right.  
  4. Communicate! Sit down with your employees one-on-one and have them ask you these questions.
  • What gaps exist between what you expect from me and what I deliver?
  • What happens when I don’t deliver what you expect?
  • What changes do you foresee that may change my role or the way we work together?
  • If you were in my position, what would you do differently?

Most employees will meet your expectations if they know what they are.  Make sure your employees always understand what you expect from them, and then watch their focus and performance soar! Contact the Performance Group for help to get your team working together.