Performance Evaluations should be easy AND stress free!

If you are like most managers and supervisors I’ve worked with, you wait with anxiety as the time to do performance evaluations creeps closer and closer.  Here are some useful tips for making evaluation time a positive experience for both you and your team.

  • Record positive behaviors throughout the year.  Most supervisors wait until the evaluation form is in front of them before they do anything, then they group an entire year’s worth of work into one general category.  Whenever one of your team does something “special”, in addition to praising him or her publicly, take 30 seconds to jot down the date and the specific details so you can discuss and reinforce the event at evaluation time.  Keep these notes in a notebook or special file aside from his or her official personnel file.  
  • Never stop coaching.  Don’t be afraid to reprimand your subordinates when they get out of line.  As long as you are fair and consistent, your team will understand and respect your actions.  Record any such action on the approved forms and file them in the personnel file as required. 
  • Plan for the future.  Get to know the goals of your team members.  Evaluations are not just about the past; they create a map for the future. Help your subordinates set challenging goals and work with them to choose a successful career path that will best utilize their strengths.

Everyone remembers the bad things that an employee does, but few recognize and reward the good. Keeping records all year round will help you provide more meaningful evaluations, justify and document your ratings, and make your evaluation period easier and stress-free!

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