Why Your Best People Might Leave the Organization

“The role of leadership is to design and maintain a healthy environment filled with those who want to develop their life and participate in the company’s growth.” – Richard Flint


Improving the quality of your organization requires recruiting and retaining the right people.  These are the most common reasons that people leave an organization.


1)    Problems with the leaders style of avoidance

2)    Environment they worked in was negative.

3)    Others in the organization made their job difficult.

4)    Partnership between people wasn’t there.

5)    Leadership was perceived as weak.

6)    Exceptions were made that compromised the quality of the company’s goods or services.


Note that the first letters of each issue spell the word P-E-O-P-L-E.  Sharing this information with your leadership team and providing them with training to create a cohesive plan to overcome these obstacles will help you keep your best people on board.