Quick Tip – Proofread Out Loud

In this day and age of online content, I find it disheartening to see typos or grammatical errors. Proof reading is more difficult on a screen, but none the less important. By ensuring your comment is free from typos and grammatical errors, you will set yourself apart from the sea of online writers. You will look more professional and knowledgeable about your subject matter.

We often rely on spell checking software to catch our error. While I do encourage you to use a spell checker whenever possible, don't rely on them too heavily. 

Reading your correspondence aloud before you send it out may help you identify changes that need to be made.  If it doesn’t sound “natural” when you read it, make changes that will give it a more “conversational” feel.  Don’t use words or jargon in correspondence that you would not use in everyday conversations with a colleague or a client.  Also, stay away from acronyms and slang.  Using these tips will make sure you get your message across.