Attitude: Keeping Your Edge

Bosses, clients, co-workers, spouses, kids – it seems like everyone wants something…NOW!   Constant deadlines, information overload and a never ending “to-do” list is creating a workforce (and a world) that is stressed out and overwhelmed.  This session offers tips and strategies designed to help you take control, stay sharp and put a greater sense of balance back in your life. 


Learning Outcomes:

  • Take control (or take control back) of your life – before others do.
  • Evaluate six critical “life points” that will allow you to create a targeted plan
  • Review tips that will save you time and make you a more effective leader
  • Discover practical, easy to apply tips that will increase your sense of “control”
  • Examine stress and the impact it has on you in a whole new light


Organizations use this workshop to:

  • Help their people be more proactive and productive
  • Strengthen their corporate culture and improve employee relationships


Audience: Designed for everyone who struggles with today's fast-paced world.