Coaching for Performance

“A coach is someone who can give correction
without causing resentment.”

John Wooden

Few managers enjoy disciplining an employee that is performing poorly, has broken a rule and/or violated a company policy. That being said, managers that are both effective AND respected know how to coach with tact and skill.

First and foremost, coaching is necessary to identify and correct behavior that is not in line with expectations or is simply inappropriate. Secondly, coaching that is delivered in a timely, fair and consistent manner actually rewards and motivates those who work hard to do things right.

Learn how to:

  • Utilize the true benefits of unbiased "Red-Hot Stove" employee discipline.
  • Realize the benefits that consistent coaching plays in developing a work force that is motivated and productive.
  • Document the facts and events when poor performance when problems arise.
  • Follow a simple and step-by-step coaching process that is concise and effective.

Organizations use this workshop to:

  • Help managers be more consistent from department to department.
  • Strengthen their corporate culture and improve employee retention.
  • Support their managers so they can be more respected.