Communication: Uhhhhhh!

Communication should not be easy to understand,
It should be IMPOSSIBLE to misunderstand.


In a world dominated by quick emails and text messages, effective communication is becoming a lost art. However, for those who have mastered communicating effectively, the world often opens up in new, unexpected ways.

Effective communicators are more respected, more effective, and most of all, they are more productive. Because they deal with others effectively and efficiently, they find themselves in conflict situations less often.

This workshop is great for giving your communication style a boost in an age of short, technology-based communications. Here’s what you'll learn:

  • Take a listening survey.
  • Discover the words and tend to create conflict and learn their friendly substitutes
  • Gain a better understanding of your personal communication style. The tips you learn will change the way people listen, and react, to your message.
  • Realize first hand the challenges that occur when communicating verbal instructions. This increased awareness will help reduce errors and re-work in the future.