Working Through Conflict

No one ever won an argument.

Dale Carnegie

Whether in business or our personal lives, conflict is inevitable. But, conflict doesn’t have to be negative. This workshop teaches participants how to positively and cooperatively work through conflict while developing trust and improving teamwork.

  • Increase your awareness of how differences in perception can lead to potential conflict. This ability to uncover and understand differences will be the key to your success in working through conflict in the future.
  • Help you plan strategies for handling conflict in your professional and personal lives.
  • Give you the ability to build cooperation and improve teamwork to increase productivity and measurable results.
  • Provide you with tools and skills that will allow you to confidently intervene and help others resolve conflict.
  • Identify common “difficult” personality types and learn tips for dealing with each one.
  • Make ALL of your relationships more enjoyable.

Program Time: Approximately 3 hours, 10-30 participants.