Customer CARE - Creating A "SERVE-US" Community

“Customer service is worthless.
Customer loyalty is priceless ”

Jeffrey Gitmer


Course Description

For any organization to be successful, each department (and every employee) must be competent, ethically sound, clearly understand who their internal customers are, and know what they expect.  Once everyone is on the same page, everyone can be proactive and work together to take care of the external customer.  This interactive session focuses on how important internal customer “serve-us” is and offers participants time to rethink how they work together. 

Participants will:

  • Learn the four components of the CARE “Serve-Us” philosophy
  • Realize that great customer CARE is impossible without strong internal communication;
  • Re-think how we look at “teams” and trust;
  • Understand how to define expectations and improve communication between departments.


Organizations use this workshop to:

  • Increase the awareness of internal customer CARE and collaboration
  • Help each employee have a greater understanding of his/her role
  • Emphasize the point that everyone is a customer and that each employee has needs and expectations that need communicated and addressed


Audience:  Suitable for ALL employees. Three (3) hours.  Maximum group size: 25