Customer Service: Clients for Life

“Customer service is worthless.
Customer loyalty is priceless ”

Jeffrey Gitmer


Loyal clients can take years to develop, and only minutes to lose. EVERYTHING you say and EVERYTHING you do represents your commitment to your clients.

Great customer service is an attitude. It is an attitude of wanting to help, of empowering everyone in the organization from the top down to do what is right for the client in terms of each transaction and every interaction. It is about staying ahead of your competitors who are lurking in the shadows, waiting for you to drop the ball.

It is about never being satisfied and always looking for ways to show them that you truly appreciate them as a client, and as a friend. This program will: Answer the question - Are they “customers” or clients? Break down the numbers – how many opportunities do you have on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis to win clients through outstanding service; Give you a chance to compare your company with the competition. How will you measure up? Help you analyze internal systems that cause grief and frustration for customers and co-workers alike; Borrow tips and philosophies from best. After all, everyone deserves great customer service.