Meeting Facilitation - Making Meetings Work

“Knowing where you need to go is the first step in getting there.”


Course Description

Every year thousands of hours are wasted in meetings that fail to achieve their objectives.  No agenda, the wrong people, and no clear objective add up to billions of dollars in lost productivity and frustration.  This workshop teaches facilitation skills that get results!  It provides easy to use tools that help facilitators plan meetings that people want to attend. 


Learning Outcomes:

  • Make sure the right people are involved to ensure a broad range of ideas;
  • Select the best environment to keep participants focused and engaged;
  • Construct and communicate agendas that identify purpose and outcomes;
  • Control behaviors (and participants) that can “derail” your meeting;
  • Track action items to ensure follow-up and results!


Organizations use this workshop to:

  • Help managers be more effective and efficient;
  • Create a more positive culture surrounding the value of meetings;
  • Develop a pool of respected facilitators that can serve throughout their organization.


Audience:  Managers, Supervisors, and Emerging Leaders. Three (3) hours.  Maximum group size: 25