Ready, Aim, HIRE!

“Great companies practice a principle of getting the right people 
on the bus, the wrong people off, and then pointing the bus 
in the right direction...emphasis on getting the right people 
on the bus is even more important than strategy.”

Jim Collins
  Good To Great 


Hiring the right employee for the right job can enhance your team and be a boost for your organization. Hiring the wrong employee can be devastating to your team. Each year, businesses waste thousands of dollars in employee searches, training and cultivation to hire the wrong employees. And, that doesn't include the time and effort staff spend on the process.

Hiring mistakes cost businesses millions of dollars every year. Developing a formal recruiting system helps everyone from the recruiter to the candidate. The results will be happier, better qualified employees and less turnover.

During our Hiring Seminar, you will:

  • Review common problems companies make when recruiting;
  • Gain a unique understanding of people;
  • Learn to analyze jobs to determine what you need to look for in the ideal candidate;
  • Discover a powerful interview methodology in terms of the questions that interviewers ask;
  • Learn the importance of developing standard interview procedures