Leadership - Leading So Others Will WANT To Follow You

Leadership is action, not position.


Course Description

Great leaders share a host of strong qualities.  This workshop highlights the “C’s” of leadership:  Communication, Competence, Character, Clarity, Community, and Coaching. These building blocks help leaders lay the foundation for a solid career!


Learning outcomes:

  • Challenge leaders, regardless of experience level to be better;
  • Ensure that leaders focus on the role communication plays in their organization;
  • Check the alignment between “principles” and actual “practices”;
  • Learn how “competence” impacts outcomes in every part of an organization;
  • Help leaders build stronger communities;
  • Provide tools and systems that aid in mentoring and growth.


Organizations use this workshop to:

  • Teach and reinforce the fundamentals of strong leadership;
  • Ensure that Character, Clarity of mission, and Coaching remain a strong focus;
  • Allow seasoned leaders an opportunity to mentor and advise emerging leaders.


Audience:  Designed for Managers, Supervisors, and emerging leaders. Three (3) hours.  Maximum group size: 25