Managing For Results

Managing isn’t easy. And, whether you’ve been managing for a few months of a few years, this workshop is packed with valuable knowledge and tools! During this one-day class you will be introduce to a variety of management skills and tools that will help you develop a new perspective, become a more effective leader and most of all…get better results. Here’s just some of what you’ll learn in this live, interactive series: Pricing based on number of participants.

Session One – Facts and Friction – Behavioral Styles and Team Dynamics
Discover how to read people and identify their tendencies and “hot buttons”
Learn the “magic words” to use when working with others
Understand how these dynamics effect both individual and team performance

Session Two – Uhhhhh? – Communicating Effectively
Learn how to improve your ability to give clear, concise direction
Develop a new vocabulary designed to excite and inspire your audience
Overcome the challenges that make effective communication so difficult

Session Three – Becoming a Great Leader – Lessons from the Legends
Identify the responsibilities that come with the role of being a LEADER
Discuss the difficulties that can make the transition to leadership challenging
Study the habits of famous leaders and make them part of your daily routine

Session Four – Do it NOW! – Making the Most of your Precious Time
Focus your efforts on the most important tasks on the list
Understand where time goes and why we feel so bad when we aren’t effective
Learn how to delegate so you can leverage your efforts.

Session Five – Coaching – Helping Others Reach their Potential
Discover the characteristics that will make you a great coach
Learn why employees want coaching and feedback on a regular basis
Master a proven model that will allow you to coach without causing resentment

Session Six – Synergy – Keys to Managing Change
Learn first-hand how groups function in the face of change
Learn the importance of “ownership” in the change process;
Witness the key behaviors that turn “change” into a positive experience.