Attitude Is Everything


"The last of the human freedoms is to choose
one's attitude in any given set of circumstances."

Viktor Frankl


This highly interactive, motivational workshop is designed around the philosophy that attitude is ultimately more important than skill. Learning outcomes include:

  • You will realize the simple, but sometimes surprising, formula that makes some people more “successful” than others. This awareness will allow you better motivate yourself and others.
  • You will realize the characteristics that lead to peak performance and higher levels of individual (and team) success. The knowledge will help leaders be more effective, improve recruiting, and increase supervisory skills.
  • You will learn the empowering belief cycle that helps peak performers understand, and control, their thoughts and behaviors. You'll learn to prevent “self-destruction”, while improving your overall level of personal confidence. This knowledge will allow you to not only develop and maintain your own personal momentum, but it will give you the ability to help coach and support others.
  • You will learn how individuals and groups respond during the change process. The lessons learned will help you understand, better manage, and accurately predict, what will happen when people face the challenges that occur when encountering change in the workplace.

Program Time: Approximately 3 hours, 10-30 participants.