Negotiation Skills - It's YOUR Move

Course Description

We’ve been negotiating all our lives.  These same skills set that helps you close a business deal will transfer to every negotiation in your personal life…just ask!  This workshop teaches the science, hones the process, and shares the tactics to make you a better negotiator. 


Learning Outcomes:

  • Discuss how to research each negotiation and develop a plan;
  • Discover how the relationship and the outcome impact your plan and your goals;
  • Learn the importance of ‘framing” and “and how to “anchor” your deal.


Organizations use this workshop to:

  • Teach employees how to negotiate with vendors, clients, and one another;
  • Structure deals that provide maximum impact for the organization;
  • Allow everyone the negotiate with a long-term attitude that builds trus.t


Audience:  Suitable for ALL employees. Three (3) hours.  Maximum group size: 25