Perspectives: Attitude, Motivation, and Dealing With Change

Course Description

Few things matter more than knowing how to develop and maintain a positive, infectious attitude.  This workshop reveals how to manage your internal dialogue, identify personal values, develop a personal mission statement, and set meaningful goals. 


Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the simple formula that allows some people to be more “successful” than others;
  • Understand the empowering belief cycle that controls our thoughts and behaviors; 
  • Learn to improve internal dialog and positive thinking;
  • Develop a better understanding of the change process and how to adapt.


Organizations use this workshop to:

  • Help their employees build the foundation for a positive workplace culture;
  • Help managers understand how important it is to motivate and coach employees;
  • Empower their employees so they set and achieve meaningful personal and career goals.


Audience:  Suitable for ALL employees. Three (3) hours.  Maximum group size: 25