Time Management: Do It NOW!

Life is a coin. You can spend it anyway you wish,
but you can only spend it once.



Many people go through life without a true sense of purpose and direction. This workshop increases our awareness of time and helps us increase focus through a personal ‘mission statement’ which leads us to take action. Additional learning outcomes include:

  • You will develop a greater respect for time in general, regardless of the situation or task at hand.
  • You will find opportunities to save small increments of time that can be invested to ensure that you achieve your mission. 
  • You will see why people procrastinate and learn how to program your thoughts to take action…NOW!
  • You will have a more comprehensive understanding of how your use of time affects your attitude. With this understanding you will be able to better manage yourself and others.
  • You will learn over 20 tips for saving time in your business environment and at home.

Program Time: Approximately 3 hours, 10-30 participants.