Business Writing - Get Read. Get a Response. Get Results!

Top executives view effective business writing as a skill that can “make or break” a career.  This workshop teaches participants how to break bad habits, learning to create concise, coherent, and correct messages that get read.  You will never look at writing the same again!


Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to analyze your reader and compose your message from his or her perspective. 
  • Create messages that eliminate meaningless phrases and extra words.
  • Create documents that are visibly appealing and more likely to get read.
  • Analyze and correct examples of poor writing to improve clarity and credibility.


Organizations use this workshop to:

  • Improve communication in memos, emails, proposals, policies and more.
  • Save time by minimizing the need for questions or clarification.
  • Present a more professional image with customers and other stakeholders.


Audience:  Managers, Supervisors, and Emerging Leaders. Three (3) hours.  Maximum group size: 25